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A Mother’s Love

gt0374Taken from “The Status of a Mother” – By Shaykh Mufti Muhammad Zakariyya Panchbhaya (Lecture)

“Once a small boy of around 5 years came home and handed his mom a small piece of paper while she was preparing food in the kitchen. On the paper was written:

  1. For cutting the lawn – $5
  2. For cleaning up my room – $1
  3. For going to the store and getting the groceries – $0.50
  4. For babysitting my younger brother while you went shopping – $0.25
  5. For taking out the garbage – $1
  6. For getting a good report card – $5
  7. For cleaning up and raking the yard – $2

If you sum it up it comes out to  $14.75, which was written on the paper. He gave this paper to the mother and said this is what you owe me. The mom took the paper, looked at it and a smile crossed her face while getting flashbacks and thoughts running across her mind. She turned the paper and wrote on the flip side:

  1. For the 9 months I carried you while you were growing in my stomach – No charge
  2. For all the nights I stayed up doctoring and praying for you while you were sick – No charge
  3. For all the grief and tears you have caused me throughout the years – No charge
  4. For all the toys, clothes, food and cleaning your nose and diaper – No charge

She said when you sum this up, you received my love unconditionally with absolutely no charge. She writes this on the flip side and hands it to her son. When the son looks at it his eyes swell with tears and tells his mother, ok mom let’s make it even, you don’t owe me anything and I don’t owe you anything and he writes paid in full in big letters on the bottom. “

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