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Ensuring a Strong Bond – Seeking Forgiveness

indexby Khalid Abdul Sattar on SEPTEMBER 16, 2009

One of the first steps on the path to Allah Most High is to ensure that we seek forgiveness from those wrong actions we have committed in the past.  Each time we sin, disobeying Allah or leaving one of his commandments, we add a layer of spiritual filth onto our hearts.  The result of this is that when try to perform dhikr and other acts of worship, we cannot fully experience them, because that filth becomes a block between the reality of that act, and its receptor in the body, which is the heart.  This is why despite performing our daily adhkar, despite reciting the Quran, sitting in muraqabah, sending salawat, we are not able to fully reap the benefits of these actions.If you look at the instructions on a pack of glue, it will always mention to ensure that both surfaces which you want to join together are clean, to ensure a secure bond.  The reason is because if there is any dirt or foreign substance between the two, the bond cannot take hold and remains weak.

The same is true with our relationship with Allah Most High.  As long as we allow that layer of filth to remain upon us, our relationship with Him can never take hold and be maintained, and we will remain in the same pathetic state.  Everyday saying that tomorrow will be different, tomorrow will be better, only to wake up to the same reality day-in and day-out.

So in these last few days and moments of this blessed month, which Allah has created to ensure our salvation, we should strive to sincerely repent to Allah for all of our sins, to turn to Him with a soft heart, tears flowing from our eyes, begging Him to forgive us and accept us back into His good graces.



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